monitoring what counts, where people move

Amparo Solutions offers products, systems and services for intelligent infrastructure. Our focus is on increased traffic safety, as well as improved traffic and visitor data. For us, this entails smart and automated solutions that are easily installed, require a bare minimum of operation and maintenance, deliver high quality and demonstrate verified results. We call it #StreetSmartSolutions.

Number of counted cyclists and pedestrians in Norway and Sweden this year:


Product Market Leadership

Amparo Solutions is active within traffic technology and ITS since 2007. We work exclusively with market leading products for Scandinavian conditions. Our solutions are installed throughout the Scandinavian region transportation infrastructure in municipalities, industries, as well as in parks and open-air environments. We hold a position at the forefront of technology and cost-effective solutions. We are your evident point of contact concerning traffic related solutions. Read more about our solutions…

1 + 1 = 3

Would you like to integrate an existing system and a new product? No problem, we will assist you! Amparo Solutions is part of the development company Qamcom Technology. Development and system integration are therefore in our DNA. We assist the majority of our customers to create unique solutions that solve specific needs. We work persistently with transforming the infrastructure of today into the transportation system of the future. Read more about us…

We deliver turn-key solutions

Amparo Solutions can deliver everything from products and sub-systems to major system solutions. If you require our assistance, we can handle both small and large projects, as well as being responsible for the entire process from planning and installation, to operation and maintenance. The target is that you as our customer will have peace of mind in your everyday life. Tell us what we can do for you…

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