The current infrastructure is in a reconstruction phase, preparing to meet the future demands of increased travel volume, climate friendly transportation, autonomous vehicles and increased demands on resource use.
We believe that a connected, smart infrastructure, accessing the right information at the right time and place, is key to meeting future demands, both pertaining to accessibility and safety.
A smart infrastructure today enables us to meet the demands of tomorrow, where people, vehicles and infrastructure work together for increased traffic safety and accessibility.


We see challenges and possible solutions from an overall perspective, in which costs, effect and environmental consequences are seen in connection with each other. We strive to deliver solutions that provide the right yield at the right price, solutions that reduce workload and increase quality – and frees up valuable time.
We base our work on the certainty that increased traffic safety and better use of the existing infrastructure demands real time information, and we believe in solutions with limited physical impact on the infrastructure and the environment.
By focusing on solutions with low maintenance, high reliability and climate friendly energy sources, we achieve simple operations, good total economy and a low carbon footprint.


We develop, produce and sell products, systems and services in order to make the current infrastructure smarter. Our goal is to make every day simpler and better for you.
Our business idea is to offer both public and private actors the technical tools to achieve increased traffic safety, as well as improved traffic and visitor data.
For us, this entails delivery of comprehensive and automated solutions that are easy to install, require minimal operation and maintenance, and generate high quality data that lead to verified and trustworthy results. We call it #StreetSmartSolutions.


Amparo Solutions is part of Qamcom Group, which is comprised of several companies in the information and communications technology sector. Being part of a technology intensive and innovative group provides us with unique opportunities for product development or system adaptations. Together, we possess the necessary competence and strength to assist with everything from product adaptations and developing new products and web applications, to large digitalization projects in areas such as IOT and SMART INFRASTRUCTURE.

Qamcom Research and Technology AB

Qamcom Research & Technology AB is a specialized company, focusing on product development and consulting services in signal processing, communication systems, radar systems, vehicle systems and safety critical applications.
Qamcom was founded in 2001 by researchers at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, with the overall ambition of being a flexible and attractive catalyst for technology transfer between the academic field and the commercial industry.

Layer 10

Layer 10 is a company that focuses on consulting services within software development. Layer 10 was separated from Qamcom Research and Technology in 2012, and has since been established as a considerable supplier both of pure consulting services and complete software projects.

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